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Working with Professional Alzheimer's Caregivers

When hiring professional Alzheimerís caregivers to work with you in your home or to care for your loved one elsewhere, you need to educate them, make certain preparations, and—most importantly—be prepared to work together.


  • Familiarize home aides with the home
  • Make sure Alzheimer's caregivers know your loved oneís schedule and preferred foods
  • Give them your emergency contact information and contact info for other friends and family members
  • Provide them with copies of any and all important documents regarding your loved one
  • Encourage Alzheimerís caregivers to ask you questions
  • Learn about the different types of caregiving assistance out there

Work Together

  • Communicate with the Alzheimerís caregivers youíve hired often and make sure youíre on the same page when it comes to interacting with your loved one
  • If it seems like your loved one is offended (possibly thinking that they are too much trouble to care for), you and the other hired Alzheimerís caregivers may decide to tell him or her that the extra help is for you
  • If you and the other Alzheimerís caregivers will be on a rotating schedule, make sure itís clear and that you both have the right times and dates on your calendars

Hear from other Alzheimerís caregivers and use our helpful tools to help you and your loved one.

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